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Historic Structural Glass

Early Manufacture & Use

Historic Installation

Exterior Installation

Interior Installation

Reasons for Damage

Maintenance & Repair

Repair of Cement Joints

Reinstall Glass Panels

Removal of Glass

Replacement of Glass



Substitute Material for Damaged/ Missing Glass Panels

 If replacement glass cannot be found to replace broken or missing panels, a compatible substitute material may be considered if it conveys the same visual appearance as the historic material, i.e., color, size, and reflectivity.

Two of the historic producers of pigmented structural glass now manufacture a similar product known generically as "spandrel glass" and marketed under the trade names of Spandrelite and Vitrolux. This heavy plate glass has a ceramic frit or colored ceramic surface fired to the back of the glass. Stock colors are available in a range of grays, browns, bronzes, and black. Custom colors are also available.

 A second option simulates the appearance of pigmented structural glass by spraying paint, carefully tinted to match the historic glass, onto the back of plate glass. However, the paint may fade over a long period of time and thus require periodic reapplication.



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