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Historic Structural Glass

Early Manufacture & Use

Historic Installation

Exterior Installation

Interior Installation

Reasons for Damage

Maintenance & Repair

Repair of Cement Joints

Reinstall Glass Panels

Removal of Glass

Replacement of Glass


Interior Installation

Construction methods and materials were quite similar for interior and exterior uses of pigmented structural glass.Most interior veneers were the same thickness and approximate dimension of those used for exterior. Minor differences did, however, exist. For example, joints between the pieces of glass could be reduced to little more than hairline cracks for interior applications due to the limited thermal expansion of the substrate. On the other hand, the use of glass as an indoor ceiling material created unusual installation requirements.

 Ceiling slabs 11/32 inch in thickness were attached to 1 inch x 4 inch wood furring strips with mastic (a full 4 inch width coverage was recommended around the edge of the panels). Brass wood screws and small rosettes, protected with felt exterior covers, provided additional support.



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